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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Incident1 Starts Up

Incident1 is officially open to the public starting today. It's been in development for a while, and we still have some more work to do, but at least we can say "it's in beta" now. We're still working on adding more sources, and on the advanced search.

So what's this site about? It's about showing the hard work and activity of our local police, fire, and emergency personnel. It's about seeing what is going on in your neighborhood and around the country. It's about tracking crime in your community.

You may be thinking "Didn't I see a site like this already?" You may be thinking of IncidentLog.com, which is another site that covers the whole U.S., or one of the local sites like ChicagoCrime.org. Incident1.com is a bit different than the others. First, we think this is the first and only site that aggregates and standardizes reports from multiple agencies, then shows them combined on one map. Second, this site lets you search by zip code, not just by a region or city. And we plan to add some more unique features in the near future.

We'll be adding more sources over the coming weeks.

Let us know what you think!

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